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Does the No No Hair Removal System Really Eliminate Hair from your Skin?

Many women want to eliminate hair from their skin. They like having smooth skin and a sexy complexion. The No No Hair Removal System helps them to eliminate stubborn hair and to keep it off. This hair removal system is a great device for keeping a woman’s skin soft and stubble free. Now, many people wonder if this system would actually work for them? The only way that this question can be answered is by taking a close look at how this process works.


The No No Hair Removal System is a hand held shaving device that uses a hot wire to get the job done. The unit is designed like a shaver, except the blade is replaced by a heated electrical wire. Of course, the wire has a safety guard to protect a person’s skin and this wire can be adjusted in heating strength. There are three levels of heat that the No No Hair Removal System can crank out.


The heat settings include low, medium and high. The more hair that a person has on their face, the higher level of heat they should use. This technology is called thermicon. All it simply does is use heat to eliminate hair. This is the same process that spas use to get rid of hair on a person’s skin.


Thermicon technology is useful because it eliminates hair at the root. The follicles are burnt out of a person’s skin and once it has been eliminated; it stays gone for weeks on end. Men can use this type of shaver to keep their hair growth to a minimum. On the other hand, women use it to try to get rid of their growing hair. In short, the NoNo Hair Removal System is effective for managing hair growth. This system is priced at about $300. It does work wonders on a person’s skin and helps them to maintain a clean and well shaven look.

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