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How many minutes a week will you need to use No No Hair Removal?

One of the things people that use No No Hair Removal complain about, even if they like the system overall, is how long they have to use it every week to see any results.

If you too are thinking of using the No No Hair Removal system, you are probably wondering how many minutes a week will you need to use it to see the results you expect?

How long will you have to use it? -- While it does depend on how much unwanted hair you want to eliminate, most people say when they started using it they noticed they usually had to do so for at least 30 minutes a day.

In most cases, however, that is not every day. Just several times a week.

How long before you see results? -- It is not just the amount of time you have to use the No No Hair Removal system, however, it is also how long you have to use it before you will see results.

Again, while this varies from person to person, six to eight weeks seems to be the norm, with some people saying it took even longer than that. Of course, that is six to eight weeks of consistent use as well.

Is it permanent? -- If you do use it correctly, however, you will be happy to know the NoNo Hair Removal system is just about as permanent as it is likely to get.

Meaning you will usually notice your unwanted hair disappears completely after a few months' use of the NoNo Hair Removal system. As long as you continue to use it a couple of times a month, just to catch the stray hairs that may occasionally grow back then, yes, it is quite permanent.

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