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Five Suggestions On How To Correctly Shave Your Chest Hair With No-No or Some Other Hair Removal Product

We all want to look our best. Sometimes that means shaving what needs to be shaved and boiling the rest. I am here today to suggest some helpful tips on how to shave your chest hair properly.

Select the Right Length

You need to select the right comb length with your shaver. Every electronic shaver has settings. Yours should come with 2MM, 4 MM, and 6MM. The goal is to target every area of growth, including areas that have not been touched in a while. An electronic shaver is considered the "warmup act" to what will eventually come.

Trim, Trim, Trim

Trimming your chest beforehand is better because it prevents the razor from clogging. Some of you might have very thick chest hair. Do you really want to have your razor clog up halfway through?

Shower Time

The next thing to do is start your shower. This ends the electric shaver portion of the program. Get the water nice and hot. This will soften your hairs making it easier to shave.


Take some of your shave gel and lather your chest up. This will hydrate the skin. That makes it easier for the hairs to come out. The gel also protects your skin from anything happening to it.


The final step is when you use a regular shaver to get the remaining hairs out of your chest. You do need to check for dull blades first. That will prevent any further damage to the skin. You should have your chest completely shaven when you are done.


The electronic shaver is for those who have a very hairy chest. I am talking about very thick mops of hair on their body. Those of you who can get this done with a regular shaver are encouraged to do so.

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